Rare 21" Cougar Tunnel V-drive

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Rare 21" Cougar Tunnel V-drive

This one has been sorted out to work extremely well, check out the photo of it aired out at speed. It was multi-year project to get it working this well, which included moving the engine several times to achieve better weight distribution, different propshaft struts and prop positioning, and a lot of experimenting with the cav plates. It only ran about 80 mph when I first got it (I’m the second owner).
Much plusher ride and handles rough water much better than a flat or runner-bottom, the difference is night and day. A sturdy and durable “lake hull”, not a featherweight.

Blown 502 Chevy with 4 bolt Bow-Tie block, Chevy forged crank and rods, rectangular port heads, Manley stainless valves, Isky endurance springs, Crane steel roller rockers, Stud girdles. Lunati roller cam, etc. Littlefield 6-71 blower (8 mm drive) with twin 850 Holley double-pumpers on top. NOS dual plate nitrous, with spare bottle. Double-keyway Fluidampr. J&S detonation sensing ignition (will retard cylinders individually when knock is detected) Last gone through by Tico Racing Engines. Dyno’d 830 hp without the nitrous. Set up to run ordinary premium pump gas. Set up as an “endurance” engine, and for reliability, not a maximum-power “grenade” type of engine. Still, I’ve had it about 120 mph (that’s where I wanted to call it quits, the boat was still accelerating and I was still below my 6500 rpm redline with the .48 gears).

Polished Casale 10 degree gearbox with 1.48 overdrive gears, and water cooling. Tom Black three-blade prop (also have a two-blade). Twin push-pull Morse cable steering for safety.

Pro-Lite warning lights for low oil pressure, high water temp, and low fuel pressure so you can keep your eyes on the water rather than looking down at gauges. Memory tach. Depth sounder to protect the prop when water depth gets questionable. Fuel gauge, so you don’t have to do something like stick a tree branch in the tank to see how you’re doing

Won first place, dragboat division at the 1997 Detroit Autorama.

The trailer is far from a show piece, but is well thought out, and constructed from steel channel rather than rectangular steel tubing. (Steel tubing can rust out from the inside, and then fail catastrophically without any warning). It has a removable/telescoping tongue. When telescoped or removed, the trailer doesn’t extend beyond the front of the boat, so the overall length of the boat and trailer is around 22′. Removing or telescoping the trailer tongue only requires removal of one bolt, about a 30 second job.

The boat has mostly been used as a family pleasure boat. Has only been once to a sanctioned drag event, and has made maybe 15 radar/GPS passes to get an idea of what it would do, and sort things out.
Our daughters grew up in this boat, have even tubed behind it, and are kind of sad that we’ve finally decided to sell it. It’s user-friendly enough that I’ve let numerous people drive it up to about 90 mph (including one of my daughters who didn’t even have a driver’s license), with me in one of the passenger seats..

Price $20,000
Located in Michigan
Owner Name David Burgess
Phone Number 734 668-7803

  • May 14, 2017 9:51 am
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